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    Peripheral Vignette 1: Homeward Bound

    2014 - 02.23

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    Flaming gerlach balls, what he wouldn’t give for another hand. Sezithorum had been actively reading the Codex for the past day and a half with Durkentl, and he expected such strong stimulation then. Not that Durkentl wasn’t stimulating in her own right, but the Codex definitely provided an additional boost. He hadn’t expected that simply holding the Codex would have such a strong effect on him, however.

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    Charm 4: Calm Before the Storm

    2014 - 02.16

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    Day 2

    Sezithorum’s estate was far enough north and the days were long enough that when the sun rose, it did not illuminate the south-facing windows at all. It was well past dawn before the sun finally shone into Roji’s small and sparsely-furnished room, constructed from mortared bricks and located at the southwest corner of the house.

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    Charm 3: Ready to Blow

    2014 - 02.09

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    Day 1

    Moments later, they were all settled on the couches and cushions in Sezithorum’s bedchamber. Aside from the doors and windows, the entire room – walls, floor and ceiling – was coated with wood panels. A wardrobe stood against one wall, near the large bed, and tapestries filled much of the remaining wall space. There were several small tables scattered around the room with various volumes and flavors of miscellany piled atop them; the one near the bed, acting as a nightstand, had several items on the floor next to it as well.

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    Charm 2: Laying the Groundwork

    2014 - 02.02

    Day 1

    Sezithorum spent most of the afternoon poring over his new acquisition, punctuated by more releases of charm. Beyond those brief orders, barely more than grunts, he scarcely said a word to them. He was typically taciturn, and he’d gotten absorbed in books and projects before, but never to the point of completely ignoring them. Even when telling them to get him off, he didn’t look at them, and didn’t seem to notice or care which of them it was.

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