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    Triumphant Return

    2014 - 01.26

    I was actively updating this for about a year, and then life happened, and it ended up lying fallow for a year. When a field lies fallow, though, what’s really happening is that you get all kinds of new and interesting wild growth creeping in, and making for a much more varied environment. Now, bursting with new ideas, I’m in the process of revising and reposting all of my old material. I’m also seeing huge leaps in my skill as a writer over the past year, since leaving it off, and I’m feeling good and energized about it.

    The basic idea is a fantasy environment where sex and sexuality are not an afterthought, not peripheral, not gratuitous, but fully integrated into not just the story, but into the world as a whole. It’s not intended to be a porn parody of something else either, but a fully independent work of fantasy erotica.

    Having said that, I’m a nerd and a geek who enjoys obscure reference humor. If you are too, you’ll find plenty here to play with, but be warned that most likely what you find here won’t quite mesh with what you find elsewhere.

    If you like what you see, check back every week for another chapter. Not all of them will contain explicit sexytimes, but more often than not. And of course, spread the word.

    Here’s a link to my original introductory post, or if you prefer, all of the non-story blog entries.

    Gone on hiatus

    2013 - 06.27

    I meant to post this a while ago, but unfortunately, life happens. Also unfortunately, Canera has been put on hold indefinitely, probably until next year. Stuff has happened in the real world that has made me back-burner writing (mostly a lack of time to devote to it), and I’ve burned through all of the buffer I’d built up. It’s really disappointing, since I’ve got the next bit pretty well planned out, and I’ve got a few snippets written, but I just haven’t been able to devote the time and brainpower to getting the images in my head out into words. I fully intend to go back to it, and hopefully soon, once life settles down a bit.


    2012 - 04.02

    Thank you for coming in and exploring the world of Canera.  I’m having a lot of fun with it, and hopefully you will too.

    I love reading fantasy, and erotica is fun too. Over the past few decades, fantasy has made great strides toward coming into its own as a respected genre, though it’s still an uphill battle. Erotica is making progress in that respect, but it’s still got a long way to go. Part of the problem is that there’s so much pulp and PWP – in both genres.

    Last summer, the inspiration hit me to create something in which the sex is not gratuitous or tacked on after the fact, but is fully integrated into the story because it’s integral to the world. So the goal here is to present both GOOD fantasy and GOOD erotica. Especially this early in my writing career, I may not actually achieve either goal, or at least not consistently. But I do have enough faith in myself, and my ability, and my ability to climb that learning curve to believe that I’ll be able to pull it off eventually.

    Stick around and watch, as I either pull it off or fall on my face. Either way, it’s likely to be entertaining.

    The plan, as of now, is to post a new chapter about every two weeks – or whenever I hear back from my betas.  There will also be occasional side stories, things that are not part of the main storyline, but which are also set in the world of Canera.

    The chapters as posted here are not the final versions.  I’ve got a huge amount of background material already cooked up, but there’s a lot that I’m still making up as I go.  I guarantee that changes will be made between what gets posted here and the final version, after I’ve gotten everything written and revised and organized and revised again.  Not to mention that I’m still just starting out as a writer, and theoretically I’ll continue improving as I write more of this and further refine my style.

    So again, changes will be made.  Work with me.  At this point, I cannot say how significant any revisions might be, but I will say that I will explicitly post about any major retcons.

    I welcome comments, constructive criticism, questions, etc.  However, if what you have to say boils down to “OMGWTFBBQ YER DOIN IT WRONG!!!!!!1!!!one!!11!!!” then don’t bother.  On the same note, neither Canera nor Antwill match up with any other fantasy setting you may be familiar with (as far as I know – if you find one, please tell me!) and you should not necessarily expect any given race to behave as similar races do in your favorite setting.  Get over it.

    I will also say that I have sto— er, drawn inspiration from lots of other sources.  The Tolkien influence is pretty obvious.  In particular, I also want to acknowledge Alexandra Erin as an inspiration in a lot of senses.  Not mentioning her would just be disingenuous, even though the actual content that I’m producing here is vastly different from what I’ve seen out of her – though I’ll admit, it’s been a few years since I’ve followed her writing.