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    Peripheral Vignette 2: Domestication

    2014 - 03.23

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    The groves were God’s first temples. – William Cullen Bryant

    Every day, they encroached farther. Every day, more of her friends and children fell. And every day it hurt more, as there were fewer left.

    She crept to where she could see them. These humans were so destructive. For two cycles of the smaller moon, they had been coming out here nearly every day and cutting down her trees.

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    Peripheral Vignette 1: Homeward Bound

    2014 - 02.23

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    Flaming gerlach balls, what he wouldn’t give for another hand. Sezithorum had been actively reading the Codex for the past day and a half with Durkentl, and he expected such strong stimulation then. Not that Durkentl wasn’t stimulating in her own right, but the Codex definitely provided an additional boost. He hadn’t expected that simply holding the Codex would have such a strong effect on him, however.

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