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    2012 - 04.03

    I would be glad to host stories set in Canera that are written by other people (erotic or not), or illustrations (erotic or not).  You retain all rights (though see the Creative Commons page), and I will take them down should you so request later.  E-mail them as an attachment to chroniclesofcanera@gmail.com.

    For stories, I reserve the right to request edits.  Don’t take it personally, and get over it.  I am not going to post something that is full of typos or grammatical errors.  On that note, get someone else to check over it first, before you send it to me.  And if you haven’t already, make friends with your spellchecker.  I don’t want to be the first person to read it, and have to call you out on all of your mistakes.

    I also don’t want to ask you to change things so as to avoid conflicts with my own main storyline, but I may have to.  I’d also rather not have to make the distinction between canon and non-canon regarding individual characters.  To that end, please do not include any of my main characters in your stories.  Feel free to utilize minor characters, and develop their lives outside of the main storyline, but if you start trying to manipulate the core characters at the same time I am, that gets problematic.  Canera is plenty big enough, and there are many other interesting stories to be told, enough for everyone to play.

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